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Car Diffusers

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Brought to you by our Olympic View Candle Company Division.  These glass diffusers offer a little bling and a little fragrance for your car.  Bottle Styles and colors will vary. Each one is filled with a blend of diffuser oil and fragrance.  Several fragrance options to choose from.

You will receive ONE diffuser per selection.  It is packaged in a poly zip bag.

Fragrance Options:

  • Amber & Driftwood-Ozone | Sandalwood | Amber | Cedar
  • Bayou Breeze-Mossy Oak | Citrus | Ozark Poppies | Sandalwood | Warm Amber 
  • Beach Time-Citrus | Florals | Spicy Vanilla
  • Berries & Tulips-Tangerine | Red Berries | Fresh Tulips | Water Lily | Creamy Woods | Musk
  • Coconut Dreams-Coconut | Star Anise | Cedarwood | Island Blossoms 
  • Cowboys & Leather-Bergamot | Lavender | Amber | Cedarwood | Musk | Leather
  • Cucumber Mint-Ripe Cucumbers | Fresh Picked mint
  • Dark Rose & Plum-Plum | Black Rose | Vanilla | Patchouli
  • Frasier Fir-Citrus | Earthy | Woody | Balsam
  • French Lavender-French Countryside | Lavender | Powder 
  • Lavender & Honey-Lavender Flowers | Wild Honey | Musk 
  • Mandarins & Mimosas-Champagne | Mandarin | Mimosa | Amber
  • Palo & Amber-Mild Sage | Vanilla | Mint | Driftwood | Amber 
  • Rainforest Gardenia-Jasmine | White Gardenia | Amber | Musk 
  • Seaside Orchid-Jasmine | Lily of the Valley | Sea Salt | Tonka Bean
  • Sparkling Grapefruit-Champagne | Orange Peel | Grapefruit | Peach | Ginger | Vanilla 
  • Tan Lines-Coconut | Salted Caramel | Pistachios | Amber | Warm Sunshine
  • Tranquility & Peace-Lemongrass | Black Currant | Lime | Patchouli | Sugarcane 
  • Winter Plum-Black Amber | Evergreens | Spices | Sweet Plum | Benzoin | Wood

Ingredients: Diffuser Base & Fragrance

To Use: Take off wooden top and carefully remove the plastic stopper. Replace the wooden top. [Use caution as spilling any fragrance oil on your car interior or other delicate surfaces may cause discoloration and/or damage.] Then tilt the bottle slightly until the oil begins to show on the stop of the cap. You may tilt several times to coat the top based on how heavy you want the fragrance. Before hanging, make sure the wooden bead is touching the wooden top (or as closes as possible) to help prevent the fragrance oil from migrating up the cord. To freshen the scent just tilt for a second or two.

WARNING: Do not ingest, get in eyes, or allow prolonged skin exposure. Keep away from children and pets. Clean spills up immediately. Fragrance oil may be corrosive to your car dash or console. We are not responsible for spills or damaged caused by them. Keep away from open flame. Glass is breakable. Extreme heat (such as hot car in summer) will evaporate fragrance faster.

Return Eligibility: Yes, if in original packaging, unused, and in sellable condition.

Olympic View Candle Company Photo Collage of Products, Sequim, WA in the Pacific Northwest.  It is the home fragrance division of Lather and Wicks, LLC

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